Polar Ft40F Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review

The Polar Ft40f Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a full-featured heart monitor system that is not only accurate and dependable but at the same time attractive and fashionable. It is designed to provide invaluable training guidance.

The watch itself is attractive enough to be worn for everyday use but when you are ready to exercise you just put on the included heart rate transmitter and you’re ready to go.

Polar Ft40F Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch

What You Get

This device can more accurately be described as a system that consists of the “watch” that comfortably straps around the wrist, a heart rate monitor/transmitter with a soft fabric band for comfort and plenty of instructions for use.

It is disarmingly simple but powerful. Good things do come in small packages, sometimes.


This system features button-free operation and multiple memory options and recording capabilities. It can calculate and record information about calories burned and can help with fat-burned calculations.

It displays what is called your “exertion zone” for fat burning or simple fitness improvement and we found it to be impressive. We also found it useful since it keeps weekly logs and helps to track your progress

If you’re just starting on the pathway to fitness the system helps you establish baseline levels with what it calls its “Polar Fitness Test” so you may adequately measure your progress..

The systems helps you establish heart rate target zones and even provides visual and audible alarms to keep you at the right pace and level of exertion.

The watch itself is a fully functional watch with 12/24 hr. display with snooze and alarm. It includes date and time, dual time zone, user replaceable battery and is water resistant to 30 meters.

Simplicity Of Use

We found that unlike some other models, you don’t have to be a missile-scientist or a computer engineer to operate this deceptively stylish device.

Make no mistake, there is a lot of computer power and recording accuracy packed in a small space but it is easy to operate, dependable and accurate.
This system provides all of the functionality of more expensive and complicated systems in an easy to use and understandable package. The setup is seamless and you’ll be on your way and working out before you know it.

Customer Reviews And Scores

As usual we like to see what others have had to say about a product before passing judgment. There was no disappointment here. Out of the 22 customer reviews we read a full 15 of them gave five stars for an average rating of 4.3. Read more reviews here.

It was not unusual to hear comments like “I love this Polar F6, I have used it for three years non-stop and I am using it every day”. One review called it “wicked easy” when talking about the simplicity of setup and use. Other reviews say that it is “just what I needed” and that it is accurate and dependable.

We give this system a real thumbs up not only for simplicity and ease of use but for being an attractive and functional everyday women’s watch.

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