Porta-Nailer 461 1-Inch 18-Gauge Narrow (1/4-Inch) Crown Flooring Stapler Review

Porta-Nailer 461 1-Inch 18-Gauge Narrow (1/4-Inch) Crown Flooring Stapler has become one of the most popular products on the market. Time is essential, which is why everybody dreams of being able to purchase a stapler that is both sturdy and accurate and that can withstand the test of time as well.

Porta-Nailer 461 1-Inch 18-Gauge Narrow (1/4-Inch) Crown Flooring Stapler

This device is perfect for fast and effective work operations. Coming at a reasonable price of about $199.00, the Porta-Nailer 461 is everything you wanted and more.

It is practically designed for laminating the floor and installing ½-inch and 3/8-inch hardwood. The conventional nose that the device comes with can be used in a wide range of applications. Some of the applications that are based on using the conventional nose include decorative trimming, face nailing, upholstering moldings, picture frame assembling and many more.

It also includes a carrying stapler. The fact that the unit is a light weight one compared to most staplers available on the market, customers have declared it to be one of their favorite staplers.

Product’s Features and Specifications

  • It can be used as a groove stapler or as a versatile hardwood flooring tongue;
  • It comes with a conventional nose and a flooring shoe;
  • The unit is able to drive staples at a 45 degree angle;
  • It is lightweight, therefore very easy to handle;
  • It features ¼ inch crown 1- inch 18 gauge galvanized staples.

Technical Details of the Product

  • The groove stapler and hardwood flooring tongue add a plus of versatility and reliability to the product.
  • The conventional nose and flooring shoe are incredibly effective. .

Versatile Nailing Applications

It is a fact that different types of flooring need different types of staplers. The constant problem that customers have to deal with on a regular basis is that there are numerous devices of the kind that are not designed to handle a wide range of nails.

The Porta-Nailer 461 was especially designed to suit just about any floor renovation projects with ease. It’s absolutely great to have a tool that is not one dimensional and that comes with a large number of features and applications. If this is the first time you handle a nailer, you will be surprised that this one is neither hard to handle nor bulky. Thankfully, the company behind this device has gone the extra mile and developed one very easy to handle model. At just 3.6 pounds this unit can be used throughout the entire duration of a massive flooring project, without having to worry about issues like too much tear and wear on your body.

Just like any ideal tool that is meant to make your tasks easier, the Porta-Nailer 461 nailer does just that.

Customers Reviews & Scores

Porta-Nailer 461 1-Inch 18-Gauge Narrow (1/4-Inch) Crown Flooring Stapler is one of the best-selling items on the market. It has a number of 36 positive customer reviews that result in a staggering rating of 4.5 out of 5. Read more reviews here.

Overall this product is a very versatile and reliable one and people’s positive reviews are the perfect proof for that.

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