Porter-Cable 892 2-1/4-Horsepower Router Review

The Porter-Cable 892 2-1/4-Horsepower Router is a smooth and reliable machine that is suitable for both experienced and novice users. Incredibly smooth and reliable, it is perfect for hard working people that have to deal with long workdays.

The innovative and top of the line technology embedded in this product`s structure help reduce noise levels and brutal feedback that can have harsh consequences over the years.

Porter-Cable 892 2-1/4-Horsepower Router

Top of the Line Design

The people at Porter-Cable have thought of everything. This machine is perfect for always on the run users that have no time to spare. Adapting to the most various of situations is made easy with smartly designed adjustment settings that reflect the years of experience this company has.

Versatile and durable, this machine is perfect for woodworking projects, providing excellent features that influence different cutting and depth changing needs.  The materials used to build this almost perfect product are long lasting and offer a strong sturdy feeling.

Product Features

  • The measures 12.8 x 8.6 x 12.8 inches and weighs in 9 pounds. This makes it highly maneuverable and easy to move around your working area
  • It comes with a fixed base and two different collets measuring ½ and ¼ inches
  • The delivery package also includes a special collet wrench and a nice carrying case
  • The included operating manual is easy to figure out and provides all the needed information for first time users
  • The 12 AMP motor is electric and produces 2 ¼ HP which is more than enough for common operations
  • The electronic core structure is excellent for maintaining a constant speed throughout long and demanding jobs
  • Speed control features allow you to choose from a 10000 to 23000 RPM range making it highly versatile
  • The motor is detachable
  • The bit height can be modified according to the needed job specifications
  • It is highly controllable even when the power is cut off. The specially designed switch has two different positions which contribute to excellent router management.
  • The grip is very comfortable, making it the perfect all day long companion when tackling complicated jobs

Customer Scores and Reviews

The Porter-Cable 892 2-1/4-Horsepower Router is one of the highly appreciated products on the market. Although featuring several top of the line options, this incredible machine is sold for the low price of $177.75 which makes it one of the most affordable items of its kind. It looks great and handles even better, offering an overall great value for money. The best way of knowing if a product is worth your attention is by reading reviews and feedback from other users. Read more reviews here.

Having been given the chance to express their opinion and grade the 892, several machine owners averaged a 3.7 score out of a maximum five star system.

The general opinion characterizes this Porter-Cable product as an incredible all-rounder that is perfect for any job you have your mind set on managing. Its durability and sturdiness surprised many, considering the very low price.

It is effortless to handle and can deliver provisional results even when used by amateurs.

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