Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw Review

If you’re looking for a powerful chain saw for jobs around the yard the Poulan Pro PP5020AV has a long life engine and is tough enough for most jobs. The Poulan Pro is a 2-stroke gas powered chain saw that comes complete with a carrying case. It has a large 20-inch bar and chain and powerful 50cc engine.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch 50cc 2 Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saw With Carrying Case

Features of the Poulan Pro Electric Chain Saw:

  • Powerful 50cc DuraLife engine
  • Easy-to-use pull start system
  • Vibration reduction for less user fatigue
  • Includes chain saw carry case
  • Features an automatic chain oiler
  • Long-life air filter system

One of the most frustrating things about working with chain saws is the difficulty with getting them started. Poulan have come up with a unique easy-to-use pull start system to take the frustration out of your work and to get you started as quickly as possible. The Pro also features a reduced vibration handle to make it easier to cut for extended periods of time.

The almost 2-foot long blade is propelled at incredible speeds with the 50cc motor. It should easily cut through most wood surfaces.

Pros and Cons of Poulan Pro:

The Poulan Pro is super powerful while still remaining fairly cheap. The long life engine and air filter is a great addition.  Having access to the spark plug and air filter without needing any additional tools is also a handy feature. Most chain saws don’t come with a carry case so having one included in the purchase is definitely a plus.

Some customers have had trouble getting the saw started but once running they say it works well. It has plenty of power for cutting trees of all sizes.

What Customers say about the Poulan Pro:

The Pro PP5020AV is one of the more powerful chain saws designed by Poulan. Customers find it a powerful chain saw that works well once it gets running.

  • “In the few months I’ve owned this chainsaw I’ve had no issues and love it. So far it has been a great product at a great price, nice case too.”
  • “Works great love it …..went through oak like butter had no problem starting …when it got running it ran like a champion”
  • “As far as the performance of the saw, so far I’ve cut up one 22″ diameter pine and an 18″ diameter white oak with it… I plan to take very good care of it. So if it holds up for a few years — and I see no reason why it won’t — good quality consumer grade chain saws may be what I choose from now on.”

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The Poulan Pro features a reduced vibration handle to prevent your arms from getting tired before you’ve finished the job and a pull starting system that gets the motor running with little effort.

The Poulan Pro comes with an automatic chain oiler and carrying case. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful consumer chain saws you can buy. The Poulan Pro is great value for money.

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