Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lightning McQueen

The Disney/Pixar animated movie cars 2, was a major hit with kids around the world. The movie not only made a lot of money through the sale of tickets but also through selling different toys and merchandise as well.

The Lighting McQueen is the main protagonist of the film and has been idolized by many children due to the character’s abilities as a race car. Thus, the toy car developed by Power Wheels, based on this famous Disney character will certainly bring a lot of joy to your kids. It can be the ultimate gift for birthdays or any other occasions. It looks very much like the character of the movie and the kids will fall in love with it.

Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Detailed Review

Power Wheels is certainly a reputed company and they have manufactured many such toy cars for the children. Their products enjoy very favorable reviews from the customers.

The Car

This is a toy car, which will let your kids to relive the wonderful experience of watching the movie Cars 2. It can be used on hard surfaces as well as in grass. Hence, your kids can take it outside the house and have a lot of fun while driving it.

Some of the astonishing features of the car include Spanish and English phrases from the movie, which can be played in of the sound modes present in it. Besides, it will also make sounds of racecars. It comes with 2 forward speeds and 1 reverse speed.

Lightning McQueen

The car not only looks like the famous Disney character from Cars 2, but it also has many features to give a realistic experience of the character to your kids. It offers 3 different sound modes, which can play sounds of racecars and English or Spanish phrases with race car sounds.

It is made of a very sturdy frame and so it is durable as well. For the safety of the kids, the interiors of the car have smooth contours, which will protect the kids from any cuts or bruises; the edges are rounded as well, for the same purpose.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Electric powered vehicle
  • Comes with 6 V battery & charger
  • Brake system with power lock for safety
  • 3.5 miles per hour forward and reverse speed
  • Needs 3 AAA batteries
  • Weighs 50.6 pounds
  • Bright red color
  • Suitable for children in the age group of 3 years to 7 years
  • Maximum weight supported is 65 pounds
  • Frame made of durable steel

Customer Scores and Reviews

The product has got a rating of 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 stars, based on the reviews submitted by 25 customers.

Most of the reviewers have given it very positive reviews and they have praised the fact that it looks astonishingly similar to the Disney character. Read more reviews here.

The parents have commented that their children were very happy to drive this vehicle. Thus, Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Lightning McQueen will truly be a good value for your money.

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