Rasta Imposta’s Popular Turkey Costume – Guaranteed to Get Some Good Laughs

Rasta Imposta has more than 20 years of experience in the costume making industry. It was founded by Robert Berman, the guy who designed the Original Rasta Hat. Due to the hats being an immense success on the market, they quickly became a signature for the now popular Rasta Imposta. One of the most hilarious additions is the Turkey Costume, which is their take on a humanoid turkey.

Main features

This costume is probably one of the best Turkey costumes ever produced. It is made from the highest quality materials – resistant and comfortable to wear. The costume is made of a bodysuit, legs and a funny looking headpiece. The vivid colors are given a sparkly touch, and the details of the costume give it a funny “turkeysh” aspect. The adult size fits most people. It is recommended to be dry cleaned only, in order to maintain its properties and colorful aspect.

Main advantages

  • The costume is a hilarious take on the Thanksgiving turkey, and the headpiece alone can cause a real laughing frenzy around people.
  • It can be successfully used in a multitude of settings, from Halloween trick-or-treating to costume parties, or to give a good laugh on Thanksgiving Day.
  • This high quality costume comes at an amazingly low price, making it a real boon considering it is probably one of the best turkey suits on the market.

Main disadvantages

The costume may be hard to wear by skinny persons, and may need to be additionally stuffed. It can get itchy and uncomfortable if used for a long period of time, and it can also become hot inside it in an overcrowded area.

The leggings also tend to slide down, and may need to be pulled up many times. However, this can be easily fixed either by attaching an elastic rubber around them, or by adding velcro.

Customer feedback

Most customers were very satisfied with the costume and praised its authentic and funny look. Reviewers found it to be extremely hilarious, and were very happy with it performing at parties. Some were enthusiastic about the costume design and features, and found the headpiece to be particularly funny. There are numerous accounts of people giving plenty of laughs in various situations, successfully spicing up the atmosphere. In some cases, people have even managed to win Halloween costume contests with the help of this suit. However, there are some complaints about the costume being a bit too large for some people, although they managed to get around it by stuffing it with paper towels. Overall, it was appreciated and its fun factor rated very high among customers. Read more reviews here.


Being one of the best turkey costumes on the market, it is a perfect choice for people looking for a funny costume. It is very cheap, and its hilarious design is bound to give a lot of laughs. It is a highly versatile costume which can be used at children parties, for Thanksgiving or in various other settings. It is a perfect choice for people with a sense of humor who are planning to avoid the conventional costume themes.

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