Recaro Young Sport Child Car Seat Review

If you are looking for an appealing child car seat, you can count on the Recaro Young Sport Child car Seat. It is offered at an incredible price. It has a number of qualities that you will find to be very useful including the following.

Recaro Young Sport Child Car Seat


The Recaro child car seat has a five-point harness, side body supports and side head supports. It ensures that your child is comfortable by providing adequate head and body room. This seat, which is made of cushion material also offers the right sitting position, has neck pads and provides easy unlocking and locking of belts.

The most important feature of this child car seat is the head side supports. They ensure that your child remains comfortable even after he or she falls asleep.

Ease of installation and adjustability

This child car seat is easy to install because it has a latch system and comes with a good guidebook. You can install it in your car within a period of five minutes. It is also easy to adjust it since it allows you to easily tighten belts, harness level and heights.

This car seat also offers convertibility. You can convert it from a car seat into a booster seat. The various materials used to make this car seat include belts, plastics, locks and cushions. They are quality materials and the cloth texture is great.

Fits all cars

The Recaro Young sport child car seat fits in all makes and models of cars without trouble. Note that some child car seats cause trouble as you try to fit them into a car. For example, you may find that some child car seats may have their weight and tension resting on the headrest. The Recaro child car seat is also excellent for airline travel since it is of the right size.


The features of this child car seat include

  • EPS foam that absorbs energy
  • Side impact protection
  • Plush padding, which is washable and removable
  • Forward face that was compatible with the latch system
  • Suitable to use in cars that have two or three point safety belts

Customer Reviews and Scores

In order to know more about the Recaro Young Sport Child Car Seat, it is important to consider how other people who used the car seat rate it. The car seat has received an average rating of 4 stars out of a possible 5. One of the most likeable features of this car seat according to customer reviews is the latch. It is secure and easy to install. Read more reviews here.

The front elevator for the base works in a great way. Many customer reviews of this car seat also praise the fabric used to make it, which is comfortable and soft. The straps of this car seat are also very secure and sturdy.

The other notable feature praised in most customer reviews is the design, which is excellent and well executed. According to a specific customer review, the Recaro is also appealing because it lasts long without encountering a lot of wear and tear. You child can use it from when he or she is a baby until the age of six.

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