Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tent Review

The availability of tents that allows you to camp in a dry track without having to worry about buy lines, stakes and tarps is welcoming. If you have not tried truck camping before, you are missing out on a special thing. One such tent is the Rightline Gear Camp Right Truck Tent, which is available in six sizes that allow it to fit most trucks.

Rightline Gear CampRight Truck Tent

With this tent, you can spend time outdoors without worrying about turning and tossing the on the probably cold and wet ground. It therefore offers you a nice compromise whereby you can still rough it and enjoy comfort at the same time.

It is like having a mobile home that allows you to engage in adventures. It offers adequate ventilation and has a sky view vent, which allows you to enjoy sleeping in the outdoors.


The Right line Gear Camp Right Truck Tent offers you convenience because you can camp anywhere your vehicle is able to take you. It allows you to sleep comfortably off the cold, hard and at times wet ground. This tent installs over the truck’s bed to create an instant camper affordably. It has a sleeve surrounding the rear hatch of the vehicle.

You can add a pop up tent as a simple method of letting two adults sleep or any number of kids that you want to fit inside. The tents produced by Right line have modern designs, which will redefine camping for many years to come.

Right line Gear Camp Right Truck Tent Features

  • It has a very large interior room.
  • It comes with protective nylon buckles and sturdy straps that will not damage the truck’s finish.
  • Floorless design that allows for setup without the need to remove gear from the bed.
  • Color coded pockets and poles for easy and quick set up.
  • Sky view point that allows for more ventilation, light and sleeping in the outdoors.
  • Rain fly that has storm windows made from clear vinyl
  • Superior styling with white/grey colors that match most trucks
  • Large windows and doors with no see storm and mesh covers
  • Truck cab access sleeve that has sliding back windows
  • six “d” rings and four gear pockets for lantern hanging, interior storage and organization
  • Zipper pulls that glow in the dark

Customer Reviews and Scores

According to the customers who have used this tent, it has various qualities that they have come to like. One is that it has a nice design and set up. It has an average rating of four stars.

The other feature that customers have liked about this tent that it does not have a built in floor. It is therefore easier to adjust it and it frees up space in the truck bed, which is useful for storing additional items as you camp.
The rain fly of this tent hooks on easily and works excellently to prevent rain from entering into the tent. This tent also looks great on all types of trucks. Its outside straps will not damage your truck bed and you can fully adjust them. The tent also comes with excellent instructions on how to set it up. Read more reviews here.

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