Runners World Reflective Vest Review

The Runners World Reflective Vest is a high visibility piece of clothing that helps alert motorists to your presence if you go running late at night or early in the morning when natural light levels are low. You simply slip it on over your existing clothing and you are good to go. The lightweight material means it won’t weigh you down as you run while the breathable mesh helps you stay cool at all times.

Runners World Reflective Vest

Product Features:

  • Adjustable strap which allows you to adjust the vest to your body size.
  • Breathable, lightweight mesh material for an optimal running experience.
  • Integrated zippered chest storage pocket.
  • Machine washable.
  • Reflective banding, binding and printing for maximum reflectivity.

Good Points:

1) Highly Reflective:- The Runners World Reflective Vest is one of the most reflective vests on the market. It contains four reflective stripes on the front, one reflective stripe on each side and one reflective stripe on the back. The waist straps that keep the vest tight to your body are also reflective. Collectively, all these stripes make the Runners World Reflective Vest much brighter than many of its competitors and ensure that oncoming traffic will be able to see you in plenty of time.

2) Front Pocket:- Another useful aspect of the Runners World Reflective Vest is the integrated zippered chest storage pocket. Although it doesn’t have a huge capacity, it’s a great place to put your keys when you are out running as it prevents them from rattling in your pocket and digging into your leg.

3) Unique Design:- Most reflective vests are bright, luminous yellow and really stand out, even when you wear them in broad daylight. The Runners World Reflective Vest has a much more subtle black and grey design and can be worn anytime of the day without making you stand out from the crowd. If you are going on a long run and want to blend in while there is still some daylight remaining, this vest is a great choice.

Bad Points:

1) One Size Fits All:- The main problem with the Runners World Reflective Vest is that it doesn’t come in different sizes. While the one size fits all approach works to a degree and the waist can be adjusted to match your current waist size, the top half is large and if you have a small build it will feel quite baggy on you. This isn’t a huge problem as the vest goes on top of your existing clothes and is designed for visibility, not fit. However, if you have a small build, this extra space at the top does catch the air as you run and makes a small amount of noise.

2) Less Reflective Stripes On The Back:- Another negative aspect of the Runners World Reflective Vest is that the front contains four reflective stripes whereas the back contains just one. While motorists can still see you coming from all angles, it’s much easier for them to see you from the front and it would have made more sense to have an equal amount of reflective stripes on both the front and the back of the vest.


The Runners World Reflective Vest is one of the brightest reflective vests on the market and has the added bonus of extra storage space and a unique design. It’s not the best fitting reflective vest, so if you want something that stays tight to your body, you may want to look for brands that offer a range of sizes. The inconsistent amount of reflective stripes at the front and back is also a little odd. However, when it comes to brightness, the Runners World Reflective Vest gets full marks and if you want to make sure motorists see you coming, this is the vest to buy. Read more reviews here.

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