Saffron Elite Review

Looking for a high quality weight loss supplement that will do what it promises? Saffron Elite by BodySuperior is simply the most effective and coveted appetite suppressant currently on the market. No other weight loss product compares to its price, purity or quality.

Saffron Elite

As Good As It Gets

Each capsule in Saffron Elite contains 88.5mg of pure Saffron Extract standardized to contain 0.34% safranal, the exact same amount as leading brands Re-Body Hunger Caps and Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal. Saffron Elite is manufactured and sourced in the United States and has been independently tested by two different labs to ensure both purity and potency.

When developing Saffron Elite, the formulators at BodySuperior were serious about developing the best weight loss supplement on the market. They decided to use an even higher quality and purer strand of Saffron Extract than the patented Satiereal Saffron Extract. Saffron Elite contains the same potency as Satiereal, which is standardized to 0.34% safranal (0.6mg), providing both crocin and picrocrocin elements.

High Quality, Low Price Tag

There’s two big differences between Satiereal and Saffron Elite though: the big name brand or the extensive marketing campaign that leads to an expensive price tag. Quite simply, Saffron Elite is offered to you at a more affordable price. Saffron Elite is more realistic for everyday users who are looking to lose weight quickly and effectively without going broke doing so. Everyone knows that Saffron is literally worth its weight in gold, so being able to produce a premium saffron extract at 88.5 mg per vcap at a low price is incredible.

If you’re looking for a high quality saffron extract supplement that is both affordable and actually works, look no further than Saffron Elite by BodySuperior.

Controls Cravings

Saffron extract controls cravings for random snacks and large meals. It’s one of the rare supplements that actually works as the bottle and labeling promises it should. Unlike other appetite suppressants, your stomach is never gurgling with hunger cramps. These saffron capsules simply encourages your body to consume a normal amount of food, and to stop stuffing pounds of food for each meal. It’s all about control with Saffron Elite.

No More Hunger Pains

This is a pill that does what it says it will. Hunger pains vanish and your appetite is suppressed. You will be able to eat smaller portions and not be dying for more food right after the meal.

Controls Appetite

Losing weight is all about appetite control. If your appetite is out of control, you will never lose weight. Saffron Elite keeps the appetite under control and you’re not left wishing for more and more food while you’re eating and in the minutes and hours after a meal.

Leaves You Feeling Satiated

It’s pretty self explanatory. You take the capsules in the morning and at night, and you will gradually find yourself not craving as much food because this natural saffron extract will leave you with a satiated feeling. Your mind will be left to focus on other things besides food because you’re not left constantly craving food. Plus, the really high quality saffron extract and the price is reasonable.

More Energized and Focused

The benefits far exceed the appetite control. Saffron Elite will leave you more energized and focused. When other weight loss supplements leave you hungry and irritable, this one leaves you feeling better and thinner than before you took it!

Product Desription

  • Significantly reduces appetite, snacking & food cravings in between meals
  • Compare to Re-Body Hunger Caps & Life Extension Optimized Saffron with Satiereal
  • Purest and highest quality Saffron Extract currently available on the market
  • Excellent price
  • Double lab-tested to ensure saffron capsules purity, potency and efficacy


Those who gave this product poor reviews claimed it didn’t work. This is always an issue with weight loss products. This could be because some weight loss products don’t work with everyone’s body chemistry and they also take a certain amount of self-discipline. Even though there were some who said it didn’t work for them, there were many more who said it did work for them.

Should You Buy Saffron Elite?

There were 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 31 reviews. This is certainly a weight loss supplement worth trying out. It controls cravings and leaves you with extra energy to boot….what else could you want from a weight loss product? Read more reviews here.

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