Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike Review

With over 100 years of history dedicated to bikes, Schwinn is probably the best in the business. Starting off in 1895 as part of a racing program, the company became a real trend setter for this industry.

Permanently ahead of times and years in front of competitors, they merged with fitness giant Bowflex also known as Pacific Cycle to become later on Nautilus Inc. with name changes came the launch of the Evolution line that included indoor cycling bikes.

Maintaining their innovative spirit, progress is made every year and investments and hard work pay off when it comes to indoor fitness.


Living at an ever increasing pace, time is a great asset. Making the most out of it has become a real challenge. The Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike offers a great deal when it comes to health and money saving. It is one of the best ways of releasing stress and tension accumulated during the day or even a great way to begin every morning.

Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike (2012 Model)

It offers the best cardio without ever leaving your house. Leading a healthy life is the most important aspect of an individual’s existence.

Staying in great shape is essential nowadays when our bodies are permanently exposed to negative exterior factors. The people at Schwinn created cutting edge products for people that value their well-being. This machine is great no matter the point of view.

Putting it together is effortless and fast. It is not complicated at all, developers even providing different tools for a more pleasant experience. It is a simple one hour job. All features of this device are obviously client influenced. You will get the feel that everything is in the right place and that your bike was custom made to better reach your expectations.

Product features:

  • It is extra comfortable and super-efficient because its pedal’s ergonomic structure
  • It will adjust in as many ways as possible in order to make you feel relaxed
  • Keeping up with modern-day technology, the Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike provides audio support and other media features like built-in speakers and Ebook holders.
  • The more authentic the experience the most relaxing – the Schwinn bike offers a real road-like feel
  • It is fitted with levelers and stabilizers for a strong workout
  • It can offer users as much as 8 different workouts
  • It looks out for your health by monitoring and providing important heart rate and fitness information directly on the LCD in front of you
  • Transporting it is easy being fitted with wheels in order to move it wherever you desire
  • It also has a water bottle holder constantly needing to be hydrated.
  • It can sustain up to 300 pounds
  • It measures 42 x 21 x 52 inches and weighs around 80 pounds

Customer scores & reviews

Being reviewed by 18 customers, the Schwinn 120 Upright Exercise Bike (2012 Model) got a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating. They considered it easy to assemble, solid and very quiet. It can also accommodate bigger individuals without any problem. Overall this is a highly recommended machine. Read more reviews here.

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