Solano 3700moda Supersolano Professional 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Dryer Review

The Solano 3700moda comes from the house of Solano, a reputed name when it comes to hair dryers. These hand dryers are manufactured in Italy and shipped to the US and other countries around the world. The 3700moda not only dries your hair, it also styles it. It comes with 2 speed and 3 temperature settings along with cool shot, which is now pretty standard in all hair dryers.

Solano 3700moda Supersolano Professional 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Dryer

This hair dryer is lightweight and weighs around 1.2 Pounds but it has powerful heating which reduces heating time by as much as 60% as compared to other conventional hair dryers.

Excellent operation

The 3700moda delivers what it promises. It is a lightweight hair dryer with a powerful motor that dries your hair quickly. It is not only used for drying hair but also styling it. It has 2 speed settings medium and low, three temperature settings 0,1,2 and cool shot. Another thing in its favor is its compact design.

In spite of being powerful it is compactly and elegantly designed. Its handle is adjusted to the correct angle so that you do not strain your neck or hand while drying your hair. Its ceramic heater is designed to distribute air evenly so that your scalp receives even amount of hair air. Its Ionic technology removes frizz and static.

Far infrared heat technology dries hair quickly without damaging it. Tourmaline helps in adding shine and makes you smooth from inside out.

Useful features

The 3700moda has a compact style and an easy grip. It has 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings which can help to dry any type of hair. It also boasts of cool shot for styling. This dryer emits low emf thus reducing environmental impact.

It has an extra long chord, which measures up to 12 feet. It can be conveniently carried to any place in the room because of the long chord. Two concentrators are included with the standard product.


  • Includes 2 concentrators
  • Removable filter and extra-long cord with hang ring
  • Low emf for improved environmental conditions
  • 2 speed/3 temperature settings with cool shot

Customer reviews and scores

The 3700moda is priced at about $143. It has received average customer ratings of 4.8 out of 5 showing the immense levels of satisfaction it has given its customers. The features, which appeal the most to customers, are its easy efficient operation and long life. Read more reviews here.

While similar hair dryers from other manufacturers are known to give problems within four months of buying them this product is long lasting and can give exceptional performance even for years after first use. The compact design also gets full marks from users as the design makes it easy to handle the hair dryer, a feat which very few dryers can boast.

The dryer’s long power chord is another plus as it can be carried to any part of the room and can still be plugged into a power socket. This avoids sitting in awkward positions in fear of detaching the power chord from the socket.

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