Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer Review

Hair drying is a chore which most women and some men endure every time they wash their hair. But with the Supersolano you would look forward to that chore because it is so incredible. The best part of the Supersolano is its drying capacity.

This dryer really gets hot and can dry hair of any length in an instant. But that does not mean it will make jarring noise. On the contrary it is extremely quiet. Although by no means it can be termed as lightweight, its weight balanced AC motor does ensure that the weight is equally distributed and that there is no stress while holding it. Its grip is also very useful and controls can be easily handled.

Solano Supersolano The Original Professional Hair Dryer

Fantastic operation

The Supersolano has a host of features which enables it to perform exceptionally well. It does the basic job of drying your hair plus makes them shine as you dry them. It has a lightweight DC motor and a weight balanced AC motor which helps in quickly drying your hair. There is also a cold air button which when pressed instantly sends out a blast of cold air.

Although this feature is now common in most hair dryers with the Solano, the change is instant. Even at the highest setting, the Solano is very quiet. You would be surprised when you see that there is very little buzzing.

Certainly it is one of the quietest hair dryers available in the market today. The two attachments used for directing hot air flow do their job very well. However be careful not to touch them with your bare hands as they tend to get hot.

Superb features

The Solano boasts of two speeds and five temperature settings to dry all kinds and all lengths of hair. It also has a cold shot for creative design. Now hair dryers come in contact with moisture and warm air which are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi. Supersolano’s silver nanotechnology prevents microbial growth. Filters are removable and it comes with an extra long power cord.


  • Ionic and tourmaline technology conditions hair, reduces static and promotes  healthy hair
  • 2 speeds, 5 temperature settings plus cold shot for creative hair design
  • Silver nanotechnology for antibacterial protection
  • Lightweight DC motor
  • Removable filter, extra long power cord with hang ring
  • Includes 2 concentrators
  • Low EMF
  • Weight balanced AC motor

Customer reviews and scores

The Supersolano is priced at about $90 and it has received 41 customer reviews. Its average rating is 4.5, which shows that customers who bought this hair dryer and are using it are extremely happy with it. Read more reviews here.

The Supersolano’s instant drying ability coupled with its host of amazing features makes it one of the most versatile and likeable products. Customers are especially satisfied with its noiseless operation. Apart from drying, the Supersolano with a cold shot also helps in styling of hair.

Its removable filters make cleaning easy. Many satisfied customers recommend using the Supersolano.

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