Sony SEL55210 – 55-210mm Zoom Lens Essentials Kit

The Sony SEL55210 – 55-210mm Zoom Lens Essentials Kit is a perfect set for taking nature or sports shots. It has a responsive and smooth autofocus with minimal noise. This makes it perfect lens for shooting videos. With the Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, you can achieve stable, crisp video, and images in low light or when you are zooming distant subjects. The grass elements are designed to suppress chromatic aberration and the color bleeding at any given focal length. This improves the excellent image quality in any given zoom range.

Sony SEL55210 – 55-210mm Zoom Lens Essentials Kit Features

  • Direct Manual Focus. This enables the users to fine tune the focus control and making it operable even in the autofocus mode.
  • Image Stabilization. It features an in-built optical image stabilization that delivers about 4-stops for shake control. This makes the lens extra functional even in low light conditions. It also makes video shooting easy.
  • Fast Maximum Aperture. This ensures that you images are free of blurs. It also makes it possible to capture fast action objects. The aperture is controlled by an in-lens stepping motor.


  • High quality images
  • Well built
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handles


  • Poor IQ on longer zooms

Sony SEL55210 – 55-210mm Zoom Lens Essentials Kit Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Sony SEL55210 – 55-210mm Zoom Lens Essentials Kit said, “This is an amazing kit that comes with everything I need in my digital photography. The lens is well designed and very easy to use. I have used the kit for the last three months and I am really satisfied with its performance.” Read more reviews here.

The Sony SEL55210 – 55-210mm Zoom Lens Essentials Kit can be used to take photos in any given area. The lens delivers standard magnification making it an ideal lens for taking nature shots.

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