Step2 Deluxe Workshop

Children love to work with different things and the best they love is to build things and that is what the Step2 Deluxe Workshop offers to the constructive minds…a way to express themselves by making things with their own hands. The set contains a deluxe workbench that offers a big surface for the child to work on his/her 50 piece set that has drills, drill bits, wrenches, screw drivers, nuts, a saw, a hammer, and many more such interesting tools. The attention to detail and the focus on making it easy for the child to work with ease and have fun while creating his/her project just make it all the more fun.

Step2 Deluxe Workshop

The make is also very realistic and that definitely helps to make it feel real for the child. The indestructible Dura foam makes it possible for the child to build what they want without being worried about damaging it. There is a tool chest, a drawer that can slide in and out and it is very easy to clean the entire set up and the shop light is very realistic.


  • Is a 50 piece set
  • There is a deluxe workbench that has a large work surface to work on
  • Has jars and bins to store items and a spring action vise
  • The wood to work on is very real to look at and is made with Dora foam that is indestructible
  • Has very cool looking drawers, cabinet, and is very easy to clean
  • The overhead light is very realistic


  • Dimensions: 34x15x40.8 inches
  • Weight: 33.1 pounds
  • Model number: 706000
  • Recommended age: 36 months to 3 years


The overall design of the workshop is just amazing. It has the feel of a real workshop while still being very safe and interesting for a child to play with. The additional parts and the instructions make it a lot of fun for the child and the parents don’t have to worry about the safety as the parts have been designed to be safe for use.

The child will spend hours at his/her workbench and try to come up with new and imaginative things to surprise the parents with. It is a great way for the child to express his/her creativity and to be occupied in a constructive manner. This also makes it very easy for the parents to educate the child about working with tools.

Why users love Step2 Deluxe Workshop?

The Step2 Deluxe Workshop is one of its kind. The attention to detail, the excellent designing, and the use of high quality materials keeping in mind the overall experience of the child make it a preferred toy for the parents to get for their creative child. Children love it that they can now work at making their own creations and have their own workstation to do it and the parents love it that the children can be occupied for a long time without them having to keep checking on them. This toy is preferred by both the children and the parents and is a great way for them to have fun together. Read more reviews here.

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