T3 Micro Featherweight Hair Dryer Review

Featherweight is the perfect name for this hair dryer as it weighs only 13 ounces. But being lightweight does not hamper its performance in any way. In fact its compact and lightweight design accentuates its high performance drying.

T3 Micro Featherweight Hair Dryer

The Featherweight delivers a power of up to 1800 Watts so even the curliest, longest and frizziest hair gets dried and styled instantly. It reduces drying time by as much as 60% as compared to other conventional hair dryers.

It features the advanced tourmaline ion technology, which dries your hair without leaving static or frizz.

High performance operation

Being lightweight, the featherweight is easy to handle. In fact the controls are on the front side of the handle so you do not have to constantly check if you accidently pressed the wrong button like you do with handles having controls on the back side.

It boasts of the best ceramic heater coil for faster drying. It comes with two heat and speed settings along with a cool shot. It generates 1800 Watts power to provide instant air drying.

Compact features

With a 9 foot length chord you can comfortably dry your hair in any position without worrying about the chord being disconnected from the power socket, a common problem faced by short chord hair dryer users. It uses T3 softaire airflow technologies to create a large and perfect cone for even heating.

The filter and screen are completely removable. It has a two speed and heat settings for handling hair of all types and lengths. It also has a tourmaline concentrator to direct airflow.

The featherweight uses tourmaline negative ions and infrared heat technology to create hot air, which dries hair 60% faster than conventional hair dryers. With a weight of just 1 ounce, it does justice to its name.


  • Powerful 1800 watts, yet weighs only 13 ounces.
  • Generates tourmaline negative ions and infrared heat technology for 60% faster drying. It’s the only dryer with a true ceramic heater coil.
  • Comes complete with removable filter and screen, 2 speed/heat settings and cool shot, as well as tourmaline concentrator
  • T3 softaire airflow technologies create a large, perfectly even cone of heat.
  • 9ft professional length cord

Customer reviews and scores

The Featherweight is priced at about $95. It has garnered 20 reviews and received an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 from customers who have bought it and are using it. Customers are extremely happy with its powerful operation, which dries hair instantly and also features like 9 feet long power chord, which makes it very easy to use. Read more reviews here.

The highlight of this product no doubt is its weight. Among all hair dryers, the Featherweight is probably the lightest hair dryer you would come across. The price is also attractive. Its tourmaline ion and infrared heating technology dry hair instantly and eliminates frizz and static.

Customers have rated the Featherweight extremely high in terms of convenience of use at home and during traveling. Its light weight makes it a good travel companion.

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