The First Years Wave Stroller Review

If you like products that offer more options, get ready to take a second – and possibly a third – look at the The First Years Wave Stroller. This stroller offers quite a bit more than meets the eye. The first time you use the The First Years Wave Stroller, it can be as a bassinet style, or pram stroller. But when your newborn gets a bit older and is ready to move onto more of a seated strolling position, that’s when this stroller really shows its versatility. You see, the The First Years Wave Stroller transforms from bassinet stroller to seated stroller with a few simple adjustments. How’s that for a more advanced, versatile stroller?

The First Years Wave Stroller

More Options

It seems that the whole switch from pram to seated stroller isn’t the only trick the The First Years Wave Stroller has up its sleeve. With another simple adjustment, you can turn this stroller from a forward facing seat position to a rear facing position. That means that when you want to sit down to feed your little one, or just want to see what your baby is up to, you simply stop, make a quick switch and your baby will be face to face with you, as you stroll along. There simply aren’t any other strollers in this price range that offer you so many options.


In addition to all the quick-changing features of the The First Years Wave Stroller, there are also some pretty cool extras to help out mom and dad. For starters, you get a large parent’s console that gives you plenty of space to store your phone, keys and other gear. And with the large, under the stroller basket, you’ll have lots of room for all your essential baby products, like diapers and bottles. You can even adjust the handle to get the precise grip height that you prefer.

The First Years Wave Stroller Features & Details

  • Durable, modular Euro styled frame
  • Rated for use for babies 5 to 50 pounds
  • Unique swivel seat quickly turns from rear to forward facing use
  • 5 pt harness for safety
  • Taller adjustable handle height
  • Convenient parent console and lower storage basket
  • Universal attachment for use with most infant car seats
  • Easy one hand fold when the seat is removed
  • Weighs in at 24 pounds

Customer Reviews for The First Years Wave Stroller

The First Years Wave Stroller has been reviewed by 117 customers, and has earned a positive 4.3 star rating. A few people mentioned that the different adjustment options can be a bit confusing, but once you get used to them they become second nature and make strolling with your little one much more enjoyable.  Read more reviews here.

We agree with the parents and consumer advocates who call this one of the best strollers around, and give it our hearty recommendation to all of our readers.

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