Tigger Deluxe Two-Sided Jumpsuit Costume for Halloween Parties

The fictional character created by A. A. Milne in “The House at Pooh Corner”, and featured in Disney’s series “Winnie the Pooh” inspired this adorable Tigger Deluxe Two-Sided Jumpsuit Costume.

This very confident character with quite an ego, who often considers himself as very handsome, is one of the children’s favorites. They will be happy to wear this wonderful costume that makes them look like Tigger, the one filled with optimism and energy, and always doing what he loves the most – bouncing.

Some Features of the Tigger Deluxe Two-Sided Jumpsuit Costume

  • 100% Polyester made – the costume is resistant, just suited for playing, so it will not tear off too easily.
  • It is comfortable to wear – your kid will be at ease in this costume, because it will not limit his movements.
  • Plush inside and outside – the costume is soft to touch and will please your kid, as it will make him feel as if touching his favorite plush toy.
  • An adorable tiger hood is attached to the costume and brings to your kid that unmistakable expression of the beloved movie character. It will also protect your child from eventual cold weather.
  • This suit is an official Disney costume, which makes it even more cherished by the little ones.
  • The costume is easy to wash – it can be washed manually – no bleach necessary, line dry and cool iron. Under no circumstance should it be dried clean.

A Few Strong Points of the Costume

  • It looks realistic – the Tigger Deluxe Two-Sided Jumpsuit Costume is made to look exactly like the famous character of the Disney movies. Once your child puts on this suit, you will believe that you are dealing with the real Tigger and will expect to see him bouncing.
  • Creativity – any kid will be eager to wear Tigger’s costume and act like seen in the movies, because this character has a special place in children’s hearts. The kids will be able to perform scenes from their favorite movies and also invent new adventures of their beloved character.
  • Easy maintenance – hand wash is recommended, as it gets clean almost instantly when washed with warm water. There is no need to iron the costume.

Does the Tigger Deluxe Two-Sided Jumpsuit Costume Have Weak Points?

A few complaints refer to kids less than two years that could barely get into 2T sized costumes, which seem to be too tight. The authors of the complaints, however, do not give details about the size of their kids.

What Do the Available Reviews Say?

The opinions expressed show that the children really like this product and want to wear it all the time. Their parents are satisfied with the quality of the plush and say that the costume can be easily maintained clean by washing it manually. Read more reviews here.


Weighing all the strong and weak points, you have to conclude that buying a Tigger Deluxe Two-Sided Jumpsuit Costume is a good deal if you want to see your kid happy.

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