Top Flite Women’s XL Golf Set

Just like men, many women are also into golf and if you’re one of them, take a closer look at Top Flite Women’s XL Golf Set and you’ll be really tempted to place an order. Well, one should consider of course the price and durability of the product before finally buying it. What’s with this golf set by the way that many people are going crazy about it?

Top Flite Women’s XL Golf Set

Brief Product Description

This is a product which is designed by experts to meet the needs of every woman golfer and especially for those who are just about to give this sport a try. It has a 460cc titanium composite driver, a hybrid, a putter, a fairway wood, and three irons. One can go around the shops looking for great looking and fairly priced golf sets but end up not buying the right product but with Top Flite Women’s XL Golf Set, one can’t go wrong.

Product Features & Technical Details

The set is available in both left and right-handed packages that would suit every player’s preference. As mentioned earlier, it’s got a hybrid, a putter, irons and a driver. Aside from this, there’s also a rain hood included plus Headcovers (three of them) and a stand bag that many people find very light, durable and stylish. For those who don’t really know which features to specifically look for a product, you can just trust that product is one of the best there is in the market and you won’t regret it.

Short Summary of Feedback From Existing Owners

Some golfers don’t mind spending a fortune for a great golf set that can serve them for several years but there are still those who are not willing to spend a lot of money for it. Sure, they love the sport but there are players who don’t have that much to spend and just try to find great golf sets which are of high quality and of low price. Well, according to the online reviews about the product, the consumers are extremely happy about its capacity to serve its purpose. One of the reviews mentioned that the condition and the rate of the items surpassed his expectations and another one said that she thought there were missing items in the package when she first got it because it was very light and turned out everything was in there, just that they were very light which is perfect for women.

Pros of Product

What’s great about the Top Flite Women’s XL Golf Set? One of them is that the club feels very good in the hands making it pretty easy for women to carry. The bag is very light as well which we can assume that’s also engineered that way to make sure that women won’t have a difficult time carrying heavy objects inside it. Also, the bag can hold a lot of stuff–extra clothes, valuables, etc. without the strap making carrying a belongings a challenge.

Cons of Product

Well, since the color is gray and pink, it may not be suitable for men but it’s not really something that should be taken against the product because it’s designed for women in the first place. Men can choose other golf sets engineered according to their needs as well should there be a need for them to buy one. If there is any ‘not so good’ effect of the product to its consumers, it surely is not something very impacting that could be a factor that makes people think twice about going for it or not.

Who Should Buy This Product

As mentioned earlier, this is a golf set for women–whether it’s for the beginners or seniors. The reviews that we can read online show though that it’s most suitable for women who are just starting to learn the sport. The price makes it such a great deal which is very difficult to say no to. Read more reviews here.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Now at about $200, who won’t be tempted in buying this great set? Even those who are not into golf can have this as well as a present for their partners and kids as it’s not that expensive to really have second thoughts about buying or not. If you’re a woman who wants to start playing golf, this could be good for you as this may even serve you well for several years.

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