Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent Review

You can get the experience of being at home even when you are camping if you opt to purchase the Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent. Among its appealing features include 2-room enclosure, straight wall; a high ceiling design and it is comfortable to walk in it.

Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent

This tent has adequate ventilation since it comes with a large Dutch door and a roof that is fully vented. You will probably like the waterproof capability enabled by the full coverage rain fly and polyurethane floor, which maintains that the interior will stay dry.

For convenience during set up, the tent comes with central hubs, which connect easily using a ring and pin system.


It’s not just utter flattery when it is stated that you can have the feeling o being at home when camping if you opt for the Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent. Among the features that make the tent convenient is a nine person interior enclosure, which is enough for a whole family.

Other tents in this category require expertise or long hours in research to assemble; the Wenzel Kodiak family cabin dome tent uses a simple ring and pin system, which is just easy to set up. It also features a mesh Dutch D-style door, two picture windows and two bay windows to optimize on visibility and let in a cross breeze where conditions are applicable.

You will probably like the convenience and comfort brought in by the sonic-sealed polyethylene floor. If you are in desperate need for a divided enclosure, then the tent is here to favor just you. The sewn in room divider conveniently creates two separate rooms.

The straight sidewalls are essential for extreme weather protection in harsh conditions.

Set up

One of the things you should always consider before purchasing a tent is how easy it is to assemble or set up. The Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent is just great and probably the best option if you want something that you can set up alone or with the help of a friend.

It uses the pin and ring system, which makes it easier to connect the central hubs to the roof with steel uprights. Not much of expertise or experience is needed when you need to assemble the Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent.

This is contrary to what you may expect if you were to purchase another tent in its category, due to the integration of many technologies they are difficult to set up.


  • Accommodates nine people
  • Has an eave height of 5.42 feet, 65 inches
  • Its center height is 7.17 feet, 86 inches
  • Fully vented roof
  • Full coverage rain fly
  • Ring and pin assembly system with central hubs
  • Doors of the Mesh Dutch D style

Customer reviews

The credibility of the Wenzel Kodiak Family Cabin Dome Tent can be ascertained from the customer reviews the product has received. Although there are some reviews, which criticize the product, most of them are positive on unique features availed by the product. Read more reviews here.

People especially like the easy to assemble feature not forgetting the convenience brought in by a waterproof floor. Optimization on ventilation is another reason why the product has become so popular.

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