Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume – An Evergreen of Fun Props

From little children to adults, no one can keep a serious expression once a Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume comes in sight. In spite of the fact that this party dressing is not new, it succeeded in keeping the interest of the public alive, by producing tons of laughter.

The characteristics it comes with and the materials it incorporates make it one of the fun props that can be used for many years without losing its charm.

Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume


  • The dress in the costume is made of resistant polyester. The body is made of wood and it weighs very little.
  • Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume comes in a universal size and it is available only in pink.
  • It does not need special maintenance, it should be washed manually and it does not require ironing.
  • The stuffed puppy coming with the costume is attached on the back of the dress with velcro. A “Lost Puppy” sign also comes as part of the package.

Good Points

  • For everyone – The fact that it comes in one size only is one of the biggest advantages this product presents, because it allows everyone in the family to wear it, from the ten years kids to their respectable grandparents. The polka dot design of the dress and the color are two inspired choices, making the costume to have an even more hilarious impact on the audience.
  • Easy to maintain – The polyester is very easy to wash in cold water, and the eventual stains are removed without using bleachers or other chemical substances. Besides, you do not need to iron it, because if it is hanged on a line to dry, wrinkles do not appear.
  • Limitless fun – What makes Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume so popular after all this time is the comic of the situation it describes. The tiny stuffed puppy attached with velcro to the back of the dress amplifies it, the “Lost Puppy” sign showed by the desperate old lady to everyone in the room also contributing to the atmosphere of good disposition it creates.
  • Quality – The fabric used for the dress is resistant to wearing, tearing and staining. In spite of its light weight, the wood body support is also durable, allowing you to use the costume for an extended period of time.
  • Educational value – In a world where kids are more attracted by the often violent video games, a product like this can be an excellent pretext for you to show them other ways of entertaining themselves. By wearing it at parties or different other events they take part in, the children are encouraged to become interested in acting and to explore their creative side.

Downsides of Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume

One slight drawback is that, in time, the velcro used to keep the puppy attached to the dress can get flimsy, failing to do a proper job. However, you can fix the problem by either sewing the little toy on the fabric or using other kind of clips.

Customers Opinion

The hilarious effect it creates is the main reason why many people appreciate this product, the fact that it is suitable for almost anyone in the family being on the second place. The easy way of maintaining it in good condition and the positive impact it has on the education of the little ones are other qualities satisfied buyers underline. Read more reviews here.


Good disposition and a ton of laughter are two of the results Womens Lost Puppy Humorous Costume never fails to produce, so it is the perfect time for you to buy it and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

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