XPY 14k Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant

The XPY 14K Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant is for the discerning woman who refuses to compromise on quality. This pedant is studded with 65 diamonds which is prong set in 14K gold and outlines a cat’s head, body and gracefully curved tail. This beautifully crafted pendant is a must have for the modern woman looking to make a statement.

This pendant is highly stylized and gets you noticed in any kind of social gathering. You can wear it on any occasion as it goes well with formal as well as casual wear. The diamonds used in this striking pendant does not come from any conflict area which is one more reason why you should buy them.

The diamonds are set in 14 karat gold which is the threshold for gold karat jewelry in the United States. Pure gold is not usable for jewelry making because it is malleable and loses shape easily. Impurities like zinc, nickel and copper are introduced into gold by a chemical process to make it more usable for the purpose of making jewelry. While introducing these impurities care must be taken to use only the best material. The XPY 14K Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant uses only the best alloys available in the market ensuring that your pendant continues to be envy of your friends for a long time.

XPY 14k Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant – Expert Reviews

Have you ever wondered why one diamond fetches more money than the other? The answer lies in the amount impurity inside the stone. Flawless diamonds are very rare and fetch a huge premium in the market. These impurities are not visible to the naked eye; however, they are visible in the form of crystals, tiny rivers, or a cloud under a jeweler’s magnifying loupe or magnifying glass.

XPY 14k Cat Pendant Features

  • All our diamond suppliers certify that to their best knowledge their diamonds are not conflict diamonds.
  • The total diamond carat weight listed is approximate. Variances may be up to .03 carats.
  • Featured on a slender gold rope chain that’s finished with a spring ring clasp
  • In the shape of a cat’s body


  • Metal stamp – 4k
  • Metal – Rose gold
  • Gem Type – Diamond
  • Setting – Prongs
  • Height 0.74 inches
  • Width 0.65 inches
  • Chain – Rope
  • Clasp – spring ring
  • Total metal weight 1.4 Grams
  • Number of stones 65
  • Stone shape – Round
  • Min color – J
  • Min clarity – I2
  • Minimum Total Carat Weight 0.2 carats
  • Package – Regal Blue Suede-Cloth Box


This is a fabulous gift for any cat lover. This is a sophisticated piece of jewelry made of carefully selected gems. The rose gold chain looks very classy and well made. The diamonds are certified as non conflict which means that you won’t have any regrets of wearing them.

What users like about the XPY 14K Rose Gold Diamond Cat Pendant

The pendant is an absolute treat for all cat lovers. Shaped in the outline of a cat with head, whiskers and tail this pendant will make you stand out in any type of social gathering. The Regal Blue Suede Cloth Box is a delightful touch. Read more reviews here.

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